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Feeling Fall

Feeling Fall

How fast did fall come around this year? I think pretty darn fast. Or is it just me? Nevertheless, i’m feeling it. I happen to love fall for the cool, but not very comfortable weather it brings, and for the vibrant colors and and hues that fashion brings as well. These are a few things that’s making fall feel like fun. Time to mix it up!

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African Print Dress


For the unofficial end of summer, I wore african print, which doubles as a skirt and dress. See how I wore the skirt, here. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon/evening of food and festivities with friends and family.


| Dress: Spitalsfield Market | Shoes: Miss Sixty | Hat: H&M | Bangles: Lucky Brand |

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Closet Inspiration

Some inspiration for when i’m ready to build out my closet.

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All The Way In Essex UK


This picture was taken all the way in Essex, UK. We took a ride to the sea side. My girlfriend/sista, Yolande (putting her on blast) is a huge fan of The Only Ways Essex reality show in the UK. So, her ravings got me keen on the Essex trip idea. Loved it and had a blast.


| Shorts & Shirt : Jcrew | Slip ons: H&M | Bag: Balenciaga |

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A Day In The English Countryside

DSC_9017While in the UK, I spent a day in the english countryside in Ghoudhurst, where my cousin’s girlfriend has a beautiful home surrounded by a gorgeous landscape of nature’s green gifts.

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Boldher Conference 2014


All set for the Boldher 2014 Conference, hosted by Susan Vernicek, founder of Identity Magazine and author, life coach & founder of Inspired Girl, Jennifer Tuma Young.

It was all about Bold women stepping forward and living their truth in business and their personal lives. Their stories were riveting and resourceful. It was a fabulous, informative, inspirational event, which I especially needed to rev up my rusting engines.


| Dress: H&M |Shoes: Louboutin |

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Canterbury Tales


While in the UK, I visited the historical cathedral city of Canterbury. This was big for me, since one of my favorite books is the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. The book chronicles the journey of a group of men and women on pilgrimage to Canterbury to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas a’ Becket.

The city was lovely, and I had great time with my Zoe, Jenna and Michelle. All good in the UK.


| Shorts: Jcrew | Top: H&M | Bag: Balenciaga |

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