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Kool Kimono


I’ve always loved clothing that are bigger than me. It must be something about the way they flow over my body. And kimonos are definitely bigger than me. So, of course I loved this kool kimono.

This particular kimono reminded me of a time, when I was a teenager, and I sewed myself a floral, print coat (it’s what I called it then) to wear out to the carnival festivities. Mind you I grew up in the tropics of Trinidad & Tobago. So, I did take the hot climate into consideration and used light cotton fabric.

I remember quite clearly, pairing up the floral pink & green print with bubble gum leggings, (80′s term for ribbed leggings) which I had purchased in Venezuela.

Folks stared at me like I was from Mars. I could see the “who is the weirdo?” questioning look in their eyes. And, if you know anything about carnival, you’d know that the less you wear the better. Especially with the blazing hot sun and sweating from all the whining ( dance that requires the 360 degree movement of your hip). All I cared about was showcasing my sick sense of style, and that did not include a two piece masquerade costume or daisy dukes (pum, pum shorts).

Who would think I get to do it all over again. No carnival this time, but the sun was just as hot. Pairing with shorts and a tee were the perfect way to stay cool and look kimono kool.


| Kimono: Asos | Shorts: NYC Boutique: Tee: Jcrew | Wedge: Miss Sixty Italy |

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Repurposed Jumper


So i’ve had this here jumper for 10 years. I love the style, the color and the fit. I’ve worn it – at most – 4 times. Today seemed like the perfect day to jump into the gorgeous green number. And it did not fail. I felt just at awesome wearing it as I did when I was 32 years old. Man I tell you, forty two feels freakin’ fantastic. Maybe I’ll hold on to it for another 10 years. We’ll see what 52 brings.


| Jumper: Bebe | Sandals: Asos | Handbag: Coach | Sunnies: Tom Ford |

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Almost White Out In Wisconsin


I’m almost white out with no make up – not even lipstick – for an evening out in Madison, Wisconsin. There are days like this. I returned from the UK two days prior, and then hit the road with my husband, who could not get enough of me after my 6 weeks absence.

We drove to Madison, Wisconsin then on to Kentucky, then back to Pennsylvania. That’s a lot of driving. Needless to say i’m beat, and i’m now readjusting my sleep patterns. But it’s certainly good to be home.


| Vest: Banana Republic | Dress: Zara | Slip Ons: HM | Purse: FCUK |

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On The Pages Of Bella NYC

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 5.34.13 PM

No need to make a fuss. Turn your summer day time shirt dress into a night time hit. Check out the pages of Bella NYC magazine and be inspired by my pics for The Style Report.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 5.43.59 PM

Have plans to hang out in the Hamptons this summer. Bella NYC Magazine has just the right dose of style inspiration for you to fit right in. Pick up your copy at news stands and Barnes & Nobles throughout NYC.

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Perfectly Distressed Jeans

DSC_8843 - Version 2

The second type of clothing you won’t see me in very ofter are very tight or too fitted pants. I have nothing against them, but for some reason i’ve never been attracted to them.  Though i’ve worn them occasionally, it’s not the norm for me.

I however, immediately fell in love with these Zara bleached, spotted, ripped black tight jeans. I didn’t try them on; simply put them on and upon trying them on, they were the perfect size, and I absolutely loved the fit. It feels soft against my skin. They were super easy to pull over my hips. They’ve got zippers down the side of the angle. But the best part is, it sits just below my waist, not over my butt crack.


| Jeans: Zara | Top: Jcrew |

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Gorgeous London Day


Some days are a bit cool, including this one. Luckily I brought along my sweats and one very light sweater. However, the weather has been absolutely beautiful.


| Joggers: Zara | Blouse: H&M | Sweater: Jcrew | Handbag: Balenciaga | Sunnies: Tom Ford|

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Zara Print Shorts


I’m in a print state of mind. Today it’s Zara’s Print shorts. It’s been very hot the last few days here in the UK and a total blessing to have such gorgeous weather.

The hat was not on my head when I left the house. Zoe wore, and somehow it ended up on my head on the return home.


| Shirt: Jcrew | Shorts: Zara | Sandals: Madewell (Most comfortable for all the walking I do) |

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