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Fabulous After 40 Feature

It’s always such an honor to be featured in other blogs by my fellow plus 40 fashion and style sisters. I had the privilege of gracing the blog pages of the Fabulous After 40 Blog, which i’ve been an admirer and follower of for quite some time.

Plus forty is indeed fabulous and having the opportunity to inspire other women to be authentic, to be fearless and unashamedly live their creative, stylish, fashionable lives is an wonderful feeling. Thank you FAB Fabulous After 4o for the fabulous feature.

Check out the website to read the entire article, where I talk about my style influences, my love for hats, my definition and more.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.15.22 AM


Springing In Winter


19 more days to spring, and here comes Spartan and Thor. The snow storms just keep on coming. Meanwhile, I’m tired with the leggings and the heavy coats, so i’m jumping into spring, snow and all. Coats are going to be cleaned and leggings are in the laundry. They will be pulled out again next winter. I’ll manage with the light coats, layers and good scarfs. I’m springing in winter.


| Coat: Jcrew | Pants: All Saints | Blouse: Zara | Clutch: BCBG | Shoes: DKNY |

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One Kings Lane Cuffs


I’m a huge fan of It’s a one stop, quality shop for many of your decorating needs, including jewelry.

Over the years, my jewelry wearing has waned. I don’t wear nearly as many rings and bracelets and bangles and necklaces as I used to. I mostly find myself throwing on one or two pieces in the summer. For whatever reason, I feel lighter and freer without all the additional stuff seemingly weighing me down. However, i’m not saying i’ll never revisit my overwhelming, jewelry wearing habit, because I do miss them sometimes. Time will tell.

I say all that to say, has some of the most beautiful cuffs i’ve ever seen, and they range from expensive to very affordable. Take a look at some of my favorites in the slide show.

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Minus Thirteen Windchill


It’s really a chore trying to be stylish in these ice-box temperatures. But I try, because I like to. And like i’ve said before, i’m so sick and tired of the heavy coats. I just want to be comfy and free. Today, again, I braved the cold minus thirteen wind chill without a jacket, but I layered up, big time. I wore four sweaters, 1 thighs and two pants. It’s really easy to layer up and keep warm, that way when you get indoors you can peel off layers to avoid over heating.

The fact that I was driving and running in and out of my destinations helped a great deal. How are you dealing with the frigid, sub-zero temperatures?

WEARING (outer layers)

| Pants: Allsaints | Sweater 1: Free People | Sweater 2: Zara |Bag: Coach (Fave) |

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Floppy Fedora And Snow


The snow just keeps coming, and I’m writing this post on Valentines Day, it’s snowing out, with 6 inches expected. I must admit, it does look beautiful when uninterrupted on the ground. Perhaps, i’ll make a snowman.

This day, I simply got fed up donning the heavy winter coat, and instead opted for a light -a very light – poncho. I did pay for it later when the temperature dropped to 6 degrees, and had to do some dashing around. A bit of cold wind is good for the soul.


| Poncho: old (well everything’s old) | Floppy Fedora: Rag & Bone | Shirt: NYC Boutique | Sweater: JCrew |  Crossbody: Coach-thrifted |

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3 Places I’d Like Visit

Glass Igloos, Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

Kakslauttanen-Hotel Finland

One of my dreams is to see the Aurora Borealis. But I have an intense dislike for the extreme cold. However, i’m certain i’ll be able to endure it for a couple of days, if only to experience one of the wonders of the world.

Glass hotels

Ladera Resort, St. Lucia

Caribbean; St.Lucia Ladera Resort Bar edge to Piton

Nestled in the hills of the caribbean island of St. Lucia, the beautiful Ladera resort seems like the ultimate destination to rest relax and recharge.


Singita Tanzania, East Africa


Though i’m not into horse-back riding, I am game for a visit to the Serengeti in East Africa.

singita saskwa lodge in serengeti

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Things To Do After 40


I once heard someone say, “life begins after 40.” At the time I was in my early twenties. Life in the forties was nowhere on my radar. Little did I know that it would come so quickly. Surprisingly, I found her words to be true. I literally began to live my life when I turned 40. I had an awakening. I began to reassess my life and what was important, and I made some serious changes.

Forty-something is not the beginning of a fade into the background, forget about me, it’s too late lifestyle. Not at all. It can be among the best years of your life. But you have to make it so. Make your life count. Make it worthy. Make it fun. Make it happy. Make it memorable. Make it magical. Stop overanalyzing and just do.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep the fab in your forties:

Live your life, truly.

Don’t worry about what others think or say about you and what you do.

Leave your job if you want and can afford to.

Say NO when you mean NO.

♦ Do more of what makes you happy.

Take damn good care of you.

Increase your spirituality.

Play some board games.

Shake it off.

Take risks.

Have Faith.

Pray every day.

Get rid of foolishness in your life.

Be grateful for your journey.

Be kind and generous to others.

Give back. Giving is gorgeous.

Go live someplace you’ve always wanted to.

Get your finances in order.

Harness your health.

Unleash your sexy.

Drive cross country.

Eat to live.

Move your body.

Know your body.

Care for your body, inside and outside.

Let the haters hate.

Do something every day that is good for your body.

Fall in love, again.

Learn to love your own company.

Release the energy vampires in your life.

Get your annual mammograms.

Do your breast self-examinations every month.

Go to the doctor with your man.

Get your annual physicals.

Have a date night each month.

Travel. See the world. Tour your country.

Unplug every day.

Clean out your closet. Give away stuff.

Buy more of what you need instead of what you want.

Eat organic foods as much as possible.


Cheers to forty plus & fabulous