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Military Green

Military Green

Attention! This color has long been a favorite of mine. So, it’s really thrilling to see it rock the street style runway, and i’m  even more thrilled that I kept all my pieces from as far back as 8 years ago. And you can bet i’ll be wearing them long after the trend gets tired. What are your feelings on Military green? Do you like it? Do you wear it? 

Top Row: Shirt Dress, Belted Skirt, Watch, Hat 

Middle Row: Skirt, Pants, Cropped Pants, Trench Coat

Bottom Row: Hand BagPeep Toe Boot, Pumps, Booties.

How I wore That Zara Dress


Autumn Hues


There was just something about this dress. The color, the pattern, the length, the style. It just seemed like something i’d appreciate wearing. A short while back I posted it in the collage, Autumn Hues.

I eventually caved on the dress and the sweater, which i’ll be wearing in combination soon. I paired my dress with a high heel boots. Next time i’ll go the flat heel route. 


| Dress: Zara | Booties: Jessica Simpson | Sunnies: Tom Ford |

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Simple Sunday Wear



The way we dress affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act, and the way others react to us. ~ Judith Rasband

I truly believe the aforementioned quote. ButI don’t believe that clothing makes the man.

I tend to call myself the moody dresser. I dress based on how I feel or want to feel. And certainly, the way people perceive one another has a lot to do with mode of dress. Of course, so many times those perceptions are off, which brings to mind “never judge a book by its cover.” Hell, I know folks who are power dressers and are anything but powerful. Conversely, there are simple dressers who are the most powerful people on the planet. Steve Jobs comes to mind. But, his simplicity was his style.

So why the emphasis on style and fashion? Style and fashion, clothing and how one dresses evokes emotion, and ultimately it’s all about the way we feel when we wear those clothes.

Hats are a part of my style. They are a part of me. When wearing them, I feel distinguished. It dosen’t matter that other may not think so. I do. It adds suave to my style and reminds me of home, Grande Riviere, Trinidad, the place where I picked up the hat habit – from my grandfather.

When it comes to style, to each his own. What determines your dress code?

Ok, this post goes way back to the end of August. I’ve got bunches of pics sitting in the archives to post. ‘Twas a simple combination. I love loose fitting, harem type pants. As I’ve gotten older, i’ve moved away from the extreme harems and settled with just baggy or loose.


| Shoes: Dolce Vita| Pants: Zara | Top: JCrew | Hat: Bailey | Clutch: Tory Burch |

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Bonjour Sweater


I’m a mover and a shaker, and I absolutely love change. That goes for my clothes, my hair, my location, and my situation if it ain’t working out the way it should.

My hair has gone through as many changes as my closet. I took out my extensions and got a hair cut, which I happen to love. I’m a bit ahead of myself, but the plan is to cut it short when It turn 5o. In the meantime, and especially at this amazing age, my mantra is Live. Love. Laugh.

I’m graying in the front big time, but i’m not yet ready to deal with the raggedy transition. So I color it in. Maybe when the entire head whitens – which is the case for some members in my family – i’ll wear it all grey. We’ll have to wait and see.


| Skirt: Zara | Sweater: Mango | Shirt: Jcrew | Shoe: BCBG |

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Early September


This photo was taken back in early September. It was a tad cool outside so, I pulled out the leather skirt and pullover. I must admit, I get anxious for the fall to flow in.

I love the little vintage coach bag, which I found at a consignment store for $36. Can’t beat that. 


| Shirt & Vest: Jcrew | Skirt & Shoe: BCBG | Bag: Coach |

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Cancun One Shoulder


I’m still reminiscing about Club Med Cancun, Mexico. I could go on and on about the awesomeness the all-inclusive resort has to offer. But, like I said in a previous post, the story is not mine so you’ll have to wait patiently until I dish all the deers in Island Pride magazine.

For cocktails on the beach this evening, I opted for a one shoulder, culotte romper. Hope that makes sense. It was all about dressing to defeat the heat. So, bare necessities was the name of my clothing game.


| One shoulder Romper: FCUK | Shoes: Miss Sixty | Purse: Coach |

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Autumn Hues

Autumn Hues

Fall is fabulous and color is cool. Get comfy and chic with bold blue and bright yellow too. I promise, I did not mean to sound like a nursery rhyme. Anyway, I’m totally loving this beautiful sweater and dress. They are perfect for the transitional weather. Simply remove the sweater if it gets too hot.

| Dress & Sweater: Zara | Boots: Piperlime | Crossbody: Loeffler Randall

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