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High Neck Blouse


 Today we had a huge break in the weather. The last few days have been bloddy, blistering cold, and though the cold air feels refreshing at times, its constancy gets tiring very quickly. Needless to say, I took advantage of this gorgeous weather and let a little angle hang free. No stockings or tights necessary.

| Wearing: Pants: Jcrew | Shoe: Alice & Olivia | Clutch: Diesel | Blouse: Carolyne Roehm |

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Posted by admin in Style

Shades of Military Green


Today’s shades of military green blog post is selfie generated. What else can you do when your photographer is at school and you’re flying solo? Take a selfie.  It works. A few weeks ago I posted a collage on my fave military green hues and style. I usually hate wearing monochromatic if it’s not a suit, black, white, beige or gray, but this didn’t look that bad, and since i’m a risk taker, viola! Besides, I won’t consider it monochromatic since the hues are different.

| Pants: Zara | Turtleneck | Jcrew | Soes: Elie Tahari | Bag: Off Saks |  

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Solange Knowles Wedding


Photos via Fashionbombdaily 

I know it’s all over the internet, but I simply had to post my own pictures. I’m in awe of the simplicity, yet flawless beauty that Solange managed to create with her white wedding ensemble. From the rehearsal dinner wear to her nuptials gown to her post nuptials wear Everything about her outfits were elegant, supreme. She sure knows how to step out the box and bring the style.

Alan Ferguson was just as handsome in his well coordinated, white attire. They make such a beautiful couple. Congratulations to the bride and groom. I wish them the best in marriage and life.

Back To My Fro

NYFW SP 2015 Day 2-4

 Here I go again with the hair change. Back to my fro. One hairstyle or look won’t do for me.  I had extensions in for the summer and then I got it cut in October. Then I straightened (not chemically) it, and now i’m back to my afro, the hair style I love most. But, I like versatility, and I think that’s part of my style. Everyone has their style sauce. My secret style sauce is my versatility, and my hats, of course.  

Don’t be afraid to try new things. The operative word is try. If you don’t like it then, you don’t do it again. I’m a woman of style – i’m not bragging – but, that’s who I am. To me, being able to appreciate and embrace all that I consider stylish is so empowering. I couldn’t imagine living any other way. 


| Sweater: Zara | Pants: Jcrew | Pumps: Off Saks | Purse: Thrifted | Sunnies: |

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My Selfie

I Love a good Fedora. Well, I love hats, but the Fedora is at the top of the list, with this red on being one of my favorites. And yes, that’s me taking a selfie. I know you do too. Plus forty dosen’t mean stop living. I like my selfie. Are you on Instagram? If you’re not, get on. Live a little. Take some selfies.

Oh, and don’t forget to connect on Instagram @insideouterbeauty


| Fedora: Rag & Bone | Coat: | Boots: DSW | Pants: H&M | Hand bag: Phillip Lim |

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Moss Green Turtleneck


Hey there beauties. Fall is in full spring, so it’s time to bring out the cover-ups. Today it’s a very flattering green turtleneck. With turtlenecks you don’t need much else. It can carry an outfit all on it’s own, and it keeps you nice and cozy. Wear them with skirts, pants, vests, jackets, they look good all round. I love this one because it’s very soft and luxurious against the skin.


| Turtleneck & Clutch: Jcrew | Shoes: Off Saks | Skirt: FCUK| Sunnies: Tom Ford |

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Simple Green Getup


Recently i’ve been wrapping up my first book, working on the redesign of and working with some awesome new clients in my coaching practice. Needless to say, it’s been a bit hectic. But I love my blog and I love style, so i’ll always be back. 


| Pants: Zara | Shoes: Jessica Taylor | Hand bag: Coach | Sweater: Anthropologie | Sequin Top: BCBG |

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