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110 Self care Tips For Inside Outside Beauty & Balance

101 selfcare tips2

Self care is not indulgence, It is a necessity. And, it is not as simple as getting manicures, pedicures and massages. It goes a lot deeper than the surface; it’s a state of mind, and a lifestyle that requires constant attention and nurturing. It’s a sense of wellbeing and peaceful harmony that you are able to obtain, even during the most stressful times.

That said, it is imperative to learn and practice mechanisms to alleviate the harmful effects of stress, which is very toxic to our emotional and physical health. Below  are 110 self care tips to promote inside-outside beauty and greater balance in your life. The old adage, “one man’s food is another man’s poison,” certainly applies here. So, choose what works best for your individual anatomy and psychology, and practice them on a regular basis, until it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

I would definitely recommend breathing techniques to everyone. It has been a God send in my quest to neutralize the harmful effects that stress was inflicting on my mind and body. Take care of your selves.

1. Maintain and nurture your faith and spirituality.

2. Make you-time a top priority.

3. Recognize, appreciate and nurture your God given beauty.

4 . Instead of bemoaning the loss of your comfort, accept the challenge of something new. ~ Sarah Young.

5. Use aromatherapy to help your relax and rejuvenate.

6. Complement your colleagues, friends and family when they accomplished something.

7. You are not your circumstance. Accept what is and move on.

8. Cultivate an atmosphere of trust and positivity at all times.

9. In all things, give God the honor and the glory.

10. Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance. ~Unknown

11.  Get up and dance.

12. Speak into your life words that are affirmative.

13. Find a type of exercise your love and do it a several times per week.

14. Try practicing yoga.

15. Learn to trust your intuition.

16. Lend a helping hand to others.

17. Face your fears.

18. Speak up.

19. Know your skin type so you can care for it effectively.

20. Get up and dance.

21. Smile more. The whole world may smile with you.

22. Listen to music that makes you happy.

23. Look at comedy movies.

24. Take a stroll in the park.

25. Get regular massages.

26. Take a dance class.

27. Practice meditation.

28. Practice inhaling and exhaling.

29. Take a vacation by your self, or with friends or family.

30. Pack up the car and take a road trip.

31. Look at the sun rise.

32. Look at the sun set.

33. Do something that you’ve always been afraid to do.

34. Make a bucket list.

35. Try some new recipes.

36. Cuddle with your kids.

37. Cuddle with your cat or dog. Let ‘em lick you. Let ‘em sleep in your bed too.

38. Cuddle with your lover.

39. Have lots of sex.

40. Live in the moment. The past is gone. The future is not yet here. The only thing that ’s guaranteed is the present.

41. Give hugs to the ones you love and care about.

42. Rent a cabin in the woods (sounds spooky). Leave your computer at home.

43. Write a letter to someone you’ve wanted to thank and send it via snail mail.

44. Do some gardening.

45. Grow some organic veggies in your backyard or in a plant pot in your apartment.

46. Keep a gratitude journal.

47. Keep a food journal.

48. Practice being still and listening.

49. Drive in your car with no music. Enjoy your own company. Enjoy nature.

50. Don’t take your thoughts too seriously ~ (Eckhart Tolle)

51.Give, learn teach ~ (Maya Angelou).

52. Practice forgiveness. It’s very liberating.

53. Love others like God loves you.

54. Create a vision board for your goals and dreams.

55. Take 10 minute naps.

56. Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep nightly.

57. Go on a weekend retreat.

58. Pamper your self with frequent facials.

59. Go to places where every body knows your name.

60. Go to places where nobody knows your name.

61. Be grateful for all things; good and bad. There’s always a lesson to be learned in every situation.

62. Speak kind words.

63. Change your bed linen once per week.

64. Get lost in your favorite magazine.

65. Curl up in a chair and read a good book.

66. Practice saying I love you to those that matter more often.

67. Always say please and thank you.

68. Practice skin brushing or rubbing at least once a day.

69. Eat lots of fruits and veggies.

70. Eat organic foods as much as possible.

71. Invest in some quality clothing and accessories.

72. Fix your finances.

73. Spend some quality time in the heart of your home, the kitchen, and cook more of your foods..

74. Enjoy life – there are no re-runs ~ Shirley Lowery

75. Be confident in whatever you do.

76. Take baths and add a few drops of lavender oil to help you relax and relieve stress.

77. Sleep in late every once in a while.

78. Hang out with your friends.

79. From time to time, unplug from social media and technology.

80. Take a stroll on the beach.

81. Surround yourself with all things and people that are positive.

82. Appreciate beauty in all its forms.

83. Practice aromatherapy to stimulate and relax

84. Take your supplements.

85. Ride your bicycle more.

86. Exfoliate your skin with a sugar or salt scrub several times per week.

87. Give onto others. Giving is gorgeous!

88. Learn to forgive yourself.

89. Set aside some time in your am and pm routine for self care.

90. Go on lunch and brunch dates with your lover, offspring, parents or sibling.

91. Pursue your dreams.

92. Know when to say yes, and when to say no.

93. Be authentic and truthful to who you are.

94. Practice patience.

95. Graciously accept complements when they are given to you.

96. Be proud of your accomplishments and share them with others. They may inspire.

97. If you can, give selflessly to others. Giving is gorgeous, and what goes around comes around.

98. Do something every day that is loving toward your body and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body.” ~Golda Poretsky

99. Allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life. ~ Steve Maraboli

100. Find a network of support in your family and friends.

102. Love yourself too.

102. Speak words that are affirmative.

103. Find a type of exercise your love and do it a several times per week.

104. Try practicing yoga.

105. Learn to trust your intuition.

106. Take regular showers. Water is wonderful.

107. Face your fears.

108. Speak up.

109. Know your skin type so you can care for it effectively.

110. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. ~ Steve Jobs

30 Tips For A Happy Earth Day 2014 And Beyond



We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children~Native American Proverb

Even if temporary, this earth belongs to us ALL.  It’s ours to cherish, to enjoy, and most importantly to SUSTAIN.

The word sustainability refers to the practice in which natural resources are used and managed in a way that meets current needs without hurting future generations. In other words, the way in which we obtain resources should not harm the environment.

I know a lot of folks believe that if we cut down trees, simply planting more would solve the problem. Wrong. The problem is much greater than the trees that are being cut down. Among other things, it includes organisms, whose habitat and niches revolve around and include those trees. The damage is always widespread and devastating for many species. So, though replanting helps, it’s not a real solution.

Our children will inherit this earth after we are gone. Therefore, it’s only fair that we leave it intact. Let’s face it, the advances in technology has consequences. Unfortunately, those consequences have put our environment and the species that inhabit it at great risk. Therefore, as human beings, and the most advance species of this planet, it is our responsibility to ensure that we minimize, and if possible, repair the damage that has been done to this beautiful planet.

Beauties, we know you’re Gorgeous. But, are you Green & Gorgeous? Believe me, it takes very little to become a Green Beauty, and a little bit goes a long way.  However, if you’re Gorgeous but not Green, now is a great time to add the beautiful color to your life.

It’s simple. Begin at home by practicing the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Here are 30 tips to make your life more Gorgeous and Green.

1. Reduce your shower time by a few minutes

2. Utilize refills for cosmetics whenever possible

3. Consider switching some of your appliances to energy efficient brand.

4. When you’re finished with your bath, and skin care products, recycle the containers.

5. Don’t leave the water running. Turn off the tap when not using it.

6. Don’t print those emails. Save them in the clouds or on a drive.

7. Sign up for monthly electronic statements.

8. Pay your bills electronically.

9. Power off electrical devices when they’re not in use.

10. Completely unplug devices that are not used regularly.

11. Turn of overhead lights during the day. Open up windows to allow the natural light indoors.

12. In the market for a car, consider purchasing a hybrid.

13. Do Not litter. Put trash in their appropriate receptacle.

14. Walk or ride your bike to the neighborhood store or postoffice.

15. Have a huge backyard? Line dry your laundry.

16. Use cold water to wash your clothes rather than hot water.

16. Decrease the temperature of the hot water heater.

17. Use reusable shopping bags for groceries and store purchases.

18. Use a reusable aluminum coffee mug and or water bottle.

19. Collect rain water and use for watering plants, washing the car or deck.

20. Buy local whenever possible.

21. Try shopping vintage. The finds can be fabulous.

22. Join meatless Mondays. You’ll help decrease the use of pesticides, fertilizers and grass.

23. Use rechargeable batteries.

24. Cut out the catalog. Go wireless and download your favorite issues on your smart device or computer.

25. Who needs a screen saver? Forget about it.

26. Buy products that have eco-friendly packaging.

27. Fill up the dishwasher and run it. Washing with your hand causes the water to run continually. In lieu of hand washing, you can also fill up the skin and wash.

28. Inspire some one to action by buying them a go green gift.

29. Use eco-material when re-decorating your home: wall paper, paint, etc.

30. Buy makeup brushes that are made of recycled material.

Of course, it’s difficult to do all these, so pick a few that are doable for you and your lifestyle, and try your best to make it a habit. We’d love to hear how you’ve been good to mother earth.

An Accidental Outfit


A flustered set of events led me to wearing what I call an accidental outfit.  I had an event a few Sundays ago. However, I made plans to visit and spend the night at my girlfriend’s in NYC. I took Zoe along so she could spend time with her friend in the city also. But, if you’re ever had a 10 year old girl, you’ll know that getting things done in a specified time frame and logical manner is no walk in the park.

I got into the city and realized that i’d left my outfit for the event hanging in my closet. So, half happily, went out to buy something  new to wear. I hate shopping on a the weekends;  So, in no time at all, I was in a store, grabbed up some stuff, paid and dashed out. I didn’t try on the pants, and as you can see, it was a bit too tight – well this particular style. My girlfriend gave me a pair leggings, which was lovely, but too sheer – and that meant my undone toe nails were visible. Thank you Marie. Anyway, that’s how it happened and that’s how I rolled. I like the individual pieces, but I don’t like them all together.


| Jacket & Joggers: Zara | Blouse: Jcrew | Shoes: Nine West |

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Fix Your Health Fix Your Face

“Your face is a mirror of your health” (Angela Zhang). And that so happens to be a fact. Your facial appearance can provide a vast insight into what may be going on with the major internals organs of the body. In other words, fix your health and you’ll fix your facial appearance.

Used since the time of Confecius, the ancient art of face reading has been effectively used to help determine the health of internal organs. According to Angela Zhang,  founder of Chineese Energy Therapy, “The Chinese understand the concept that the face represents the energies, health and fortune of a person, and their wish to live in harmony.”

Face reading was created by the the great Huang Di, yellow emperor, and to date, it can still be found in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Of Medicine.

It’s believed that the 5 major organs – heart, liver, lungs, spleen and kidneys – have openings or windows to the face.

1. Eyes – are the windows to the  liver.
2. Lips - are the windows to the spleen (stomach)
3. Tongue – is the window to the heart
4. Nose – is the window to the lungs
5. Ears - are the windows to the kidneys

Ayurvedic face mapping 2

Chinese face reading for health analysis

Other than the Chinese face reading, similar eastern practices like Ayurvedic face mapping, is also used to red flag deficiencies with internal health.


Ayurvedic face mapping 1

 Ayurvedic face mapping

A abnormal change in appearance or function to any of these facial structures is usually an indication that it’s windowed organ may not be in perfect working condition.

I can personally attest to the chin and jaw area break outs being a sign of hormonal and gynecological issues. When my hormones were out of whack, the place where most of my breakouts showed up was my chin and jaw. It all changed however, after I incorporated anti-inflammatory foods into my diet and nailed down a solid nutritional routine.

So, take a peek in. Examine your structures for a hint of what might be really going on internally.

Palm Sunday Outfit


Today was as day of worship and praise. A day to be grateful and give thanks to God for giving us his only begotten son, who died on the cross for our sins. I am blessed and have so very much to be thankful for. Hope you all had a wonderful Palm Sunday.


| Skirt: Club Monaco | Blouse & Jewelry: Jcrew | Cardigan: Anthropologie | Shoes: L.A.M.B | Clutch: BCBG |

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ETTM Beauty and Wellness Day 2014

ETTM hosted their 2nd annual beauty and wellness day, and I had the chance to meet up with some fabulous and inspiring business women. See the pics below.


With the founder of Keep Yourself Smelling Sweet


With the founder of Grain, Michelle Moran




Vanessa Coppes signing copies of her book, 5 steps to fabulous….choices for living beautifully inside and out. You can get your copy, here.



Tea Scapes by Kathleen and Jim Edinger



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