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The Fab 40′s In Jumpsuits


The fab 40′s are at it again in this our second collaborative post. This time, Ann of Kremb De La Kremb has us expressing our take on jumpers.

For this exciting post, I had to look no further than my closet. I paired a long sleeve, denim jumper and mapped with leopard. I didn’t get much wear out of this jumper, which I purchased last year. So, it was a pleasure to pull it out and dress it up.

And as expected, each of my fellow fab, plus forty blogger sisters brought her own inspiring, unique and totally stylish rendition, which I absolutely adore.

Read on for our outfit details.


| Jumper: Zara | Belt: Jcrew | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Clutch: Thrifted | Necklace: Mango | Sunnies: Betsy Johnson |


Dawn Lucy: Fashion Should Be Fun


| Jumpsuit: Forever 21 | Jacket: H&M | Shoes: Michael Shannon | Bag: Carlos Santana | Necklace: Kohls |


Sheela: Sheela Writes


| Jumper: Indie Label | Shoes: Wild Diva | Rings: Poshmark | Palm Cuff: Jenny Bird |


Ann: Kremb De La Kremb


| Jumpsuit: Forever 21 | Clutch: Market in Boracay | Boots: Steve Madden | Necklace: Market in Rishikesh | Earrings: Topshop | Sunnies: Target |


Jane: My Midlife Fashion


| Jumpsuit: Wallis | Jacket: Mango | Necklace: Bought in Majorca | Bracelets: Ashiana | Shoes: New Look |

Cool Crisp White Jacket


Spring is obviously here, so the lighter clothing is coming to the front of the closet. It’s been several years since I fell in love with them, but I still love my boyfriend jeans, with tears and without. I have to say, this one from H&M is one of the most comfy I own.


| Jacket: Phillip Lim | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Gianvito Rossi | Tee: Jcrew | Sunnies: Besty Johnson |

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Spring Color


The weather is warming and so are the colors of my clothing. I feel bright and bubbly so I decked out in an uplifting spring color. I actually wore this exact outfit about two years ago, with a different shoes. It’s a look I love.

I’m was all smiles as I got ready to give a talk on self-care to a group of women. I took pictures without my accompanying smile, but they never seem to work. I simply don’t do serious very well.


| Cardigan: Anthropologie | Skirt: | Shoes: Gianvitto Rossi |

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Blue Sweater Yellow Shoes


So spring is in full swing, and it’s all about the bright colors and flowers. I love flowers, but I hate gardening. So I usually buy my pretty petals. And to keep it pretty, I’m wearing a blue sweater and yellow shoes.

Last year I tried my hand at planting in the front yard and it turned out ok. Actually, it turned out lovely.

Of course, after the year’s brutal winter there is not trace of what was once so pretty. So, this year i’ll give it a go, again.

Who knows? Maybe i’ll come to love it the way i’ve come to love cooking.


| Sweater: Zara | Purse: Thrifted | Pants: Gap | Shoe: Calvin Klein |

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Feeling Foxy


I’m feeling foxy today. Maybe because I’m wearing torn jeans. My 11 year old thinks it’s a bit inappropriate for me to be wearing jeans with holes in them. However, we’ve reached a compromise. I can have the holes in the front, but not in the back, and that’s aye, ok with me.


| Shoes: Elie Tahari | Jeans, top and Blazer: H&M |

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My Living Room Makeover

Spring is finally coming alive in my neck of the woods, and it certainly feels great to have warmth and sunshine most days. I feel so much more alive and motivated when the weather is favorable. Very cold, snowy winters get me a tiny bit cranky, and I tend to hibernate a lot. The same can be said for when i’m working indoors.

I love to have a warm cozy favorable space that stimulates and motivates me to get through my work days. However, I had a particular space that was just an empty shell for a year and a half, and it really made me feel yucky whenever I looked at it. In addition, I had family visiting and certainly wanted them to feel warm and welcomed when they walked into my home. So, I had several great reasons to give the room a decor lift.

Since i’d made a promise to myself, as soon as spring rolled in, I got to work on beautifying and illuminating the area. I added some color to the walls, incorporated bright uplifting furniture and gave the space a really cozy, come hang with me look and feel. Though i’m no designer, I feel quite contented with my new, bright and uplifting space.

Having a space that’s clean, comforting and stimulating is so important. Let’s face it, how annoying, and at times depressing is it when you walk into your office or home workspace and see nothing but junk, chaos or blank, drab walls staring back at you? It really just makes me want to turn around and run away.

So whether you work at a desk in the office or a room in your home, you should spend the time to beautify your space and create a sanctuary of light, serenity and functionality.

The feeling of emptiness that I felt whenever I looked into that room was enough to spur me into action.


The boring, barren space


IMG_0705 IMG_0704

The same space after some much needed uplifting. 

There are tons, but here are two reasons why you should beautify your space.

1. You feel motivated to work. Clean, clear and clutter-free spaces are so easy to navigate. Likewise, bright and uplifting areas create a much sunnier and happier disposition. You’ll feel energized and want to get tasks completed, without the grumpy facial expressions at that.

2. Alleviate feelings of stress. When you space is what you want it to be and what it should be, when it aligns with the way you want to feel, you’re inclined to be less stressed. I imagine because it’s easier to feel focused, get clarity and even breathe in an environment that’s uplifting and stimulating.

How do you beautify and uplift you space?

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Spring Sparkles


It’s spring sparkles today. Don’t you just love it when you have old, cherished pieces of clothing you can wear over and over? It’s one of the benefits of purchasing pieces that’s not trendy. You get milage out of them.

Such is the case with this sequin top and pants i’m wearing. I love, love them, and as long as they fit me, I will keep them in my closet for a few wears per year. And though i’ve worn these pieces before, i’ve never worn them together. I paired them up with a new Blazer from Jcrew, and it did the trick.

Really, dressing stylishly or fashionably or whatever you want to call it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Recycling your clothing with one or two current pieces can make your look fresh and fashion forward.


| Pants: Banana Republic | Top: Nordstrom Rack | Blazer: Jcrew | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Clutch: BCBG |

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