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Me In Water Colors


Last week I attended a spring, 2015 preview by handbag designer Ella Mchugh (post on the collection coming soon on Bella NYC). While I was there the amazing illustrator, Martha Napier of Marnani Design & Illustration did this wonderful watercolor of me. I’m totally loving it. She captured my essence perfectly.

My First Head Wrap


Today I experimented with my first head wrap and I liked it. I don’t usually wear head wraps, since hats are my thing. This particular wrap i’m wearing is the same one I use to tie my head for bed at night.

I took one picture with my iPhone and this is it. So, just sharing because I likey.

Deep Blue Sweater



It’s a few days until the end of October and the weather is absolutely beautiful; so beautiful I decided to wear deep blue sweater (from this collage post) – one of my favorite hues – to blend with the sky. And yes, I wear white after labor day. In fact, I wear white whenever I feel like it, anytime of the year. Who follows that rule anymore? Anyone?

Today I wanted to feel joyous, carefree and light. Mission half way accomplished. It started out great and then the assistant at the optician’s office was so nasty and unprofessional that everything began to get really heavy. Her negative energy started to diffuse toward me. I tried to dodge it, but every time I turned there she was. And so she infected me, because the insurance company pissed me off shortly after. We pay close to $1000 per month for family insurance, and they have the nerve to give me hell to get my daughter’s glasses, which cost a measly $200. And mind you, we’ve not submitted one claim for the year.

After the battles and the issues were resolved, I found a pick-me-upper in a tub of Hagen daz, Rum & Raisin ice-cream; my splurge.


| Skirt: H&M | Sweater: Zara | Sneakers: Vans | Handbag: BCBG | Sunnies: Tom Ford |

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Office Inspiration

Interior decorating is definitely not my strong suit. I love tinkling around with ideas, but it does not come naturally. So, I seek inspiration from magazines, and sites like pinterest, and houzz. Today it’s office inspiration.

I use my basement as a home office and since we purchased the house i’ve held off on purchasing major decorative items, since in the past i’ve jumped the gun on pieces of furniture or accessories only to realize later, it was not a good fit.

Since i’m in no hurry, I’ll continue to draw inspiration from great sources until the right setting hits me.

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Club Med Creactive by Cirque du Soleil


Cirque du Soleil: The pioneer of circus arts


CREACTIVE concept, Club Med Punta Cana

Club Med: The pioneer of all-inclusive destinations & happiness

Club Med and Cirque du Soleil has teamed up to bring their customers the experience of a life time, Club Med Creactive by Cirque du Soleil. Get ready to be lifted to higher and happier heights. Both innovators in their industry, the dynamic duo has set the stage for what they are promising will be a heightened and more fulfilling experience for their all-inclusive customer. 

Said to be “driven by the same passion to be pioneers in their respective markets,” they have come together to merge the premium all-inclusive Club Med spirit with Cirque du Soleil’s expertise in the circus arts.

Beginning June, 2015 guests of all ages will be able to enjoy Creactive at no additional costs as it’s a part of the all-inclusive package. 

The partnership will enrich the already popular circus activities at Club Med resorts. Guests will be able to participate in more than 25 activities, which will be inspired by some of the best Cirque du Soleil shows. Among the activities will be, tight rope, stilts, partitions and a host of other activities, which will be taught in a fun interactive way by Cirque du Soleil experts.

Creactive Activities

Fun and exciting Creactive activities in the line up.

Hold your horses however, don’t go running to book your stay at just any resort. Creactive will initially launch at Club Med Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and thereafter,  at some of their other 65 resorts around the world.

Cirque du Soleil will bring some of their best performers and trainers from 50 different nationalities to develop the Creactive experience, which i’m told will be unique and special, and dedicated to the customers’ happiness. 

Stay tuned, hopefully i’ll be able to bring you some live footage from Punta Cana in 2015. Set you happiness meters to Club Med Punta Cana, 2015 peeps.


I totally blended in with the colorful, Cirque du Soleil background. Hey, life’s a circus. Live it.


 | Dress & Coat: Anthropologie | Bag: Mulberry |


Military Green

Military Green

Attention! This color has long been a favorite of mine. So, it’s really thrilling to see it rock the street style runway, and i’m  even more thrilled that I kept all my pieces from as far back as 8 years ago. And you can bet i’ll be wearing them long after the trend gets tired. What are your feelings on Military green? Do you like it? Do you wear it? 

Top Row: Shirt Dress, Belted Skirt, Watch, Hat 

Middle Row: Skirt, Pants, Cropped Pants, Trench Coat

Bottom Row: Hand BagPeep Toe Boot, Pumps, Booties.

How I wore That Zara Dress


Autumn Hues


There was just something about this dress. The color, the pattern, the length, the style. It just seemed like something i’d appreciate wearing. A short while back I posted it in the collage, Autumn Hues.

I eventually caved on the dress and the sweater, which i’ll be wearing in combination soon. I paired my dress with a high heel boots. Next time i’ll go the flat heel route. 


| Dress: Zara | Booties: Jessica Simpson | Sunnies: Tom Ford |

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