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My Fave 2014 Book List

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I read quite a lot of books this past year, and some made a significant impact on my life and wellness journey. This is my fave 2014 book list, and will definitely be re-reads for 2015 and beyond.

Jesus is Calling: my constant companion. Every day it reminds me of whom all my blessings cometh from. It provides me peace, perspective and the wisdom I need to face each day.

Finding Your Own North Star: helped me deal with my fears. I’m now able to distinguish between real fear and fake fear. My north star is in sight, i’ll be in my grasp in 2015.

The Desire Map: was most instrumental in helping me understand and fine-tune what my true desires are.

On Writing Well: well, now that i’m officially an author, I can say that this little book (the best) made the process a whole lot easier. Every one who aspires to be a better writer should have one. The lessons are pivotal and priceless – well, a mere $9.99.

5 Steps of Fabulous: reignited the importance of embodying my experiences – good and bad – and living authentically, shamelessly and fabulously.

The Fire Starter Sessions: makes me want to start a revolution; a plus forty and fabulous revolution, because it’s was the age of awakening for me. The age when the confusion, and chaos in my mind erupted. I want to start a revolution that encompasses radical self care, health, happiness, uniqueness, generosity, compassion, sisterhood,bio-individuality and worth for us women of a certain age.

I Wrote A Book

Inside Outer Beauty copy 2

I wrote a book. And through this process i’ve learned the importance of declaring my intentions and my desires. You should pray about them. Say them out loud. Write them down. Talk to someone – someone trustworthy – about them, and watch them come to fruition.

Two years ago I wrote to a family member my desire to write a book and she gave me some very valuable advise. I did not follow through at the time, because I was a bit fearful of the process. I’m not a writer, and the only writing I was any good at were scientific reports. So, I put my desires aside, and started a blog to improve my writing. It’s been extremely difficult to write casually, because it’s not a style that I’m used to. Geez, i’m not even good at punctuating. But, much like all things, it’s never to late to learn.

The book idea resurfaced in the midst of my health coaching training, when my accountability partner told me of a mini course the school was offering in June for people who were interested in writing a book. Of course, I jumped at the chance to be guided through the process that I was so scared to take on previously. I was encouraged to let go of perfectionism and focus on the message I wanted to share. Good for me that I took the initiative, because it led me to make a clear intention and goal of writing and publishing my book by December 25th, 2014. I am happy to say that I am now the proud mama-author of a 15o page, skin care guide for women in their teens to sixties, and beyond.

The book is an easy read, and  it’s packed with actionable and practical solutions for all skin types. I am now looking forward to bringing to fruition the other books that have now materialized in my mind, including a skin care book for pre-pubescent girls, which I will write with my 10 year old daughter. What a difference a year makes.

If you have desires, let yourself feel those desires, nurture them, give them life by writing them down, talk about them, believe in their possibilities, and believe me, they’ll materialize at the right time.

My book, which is titled, Inside Outer Beauty: Thriving for Healthy and Beautiful Skin Throughout the Ages will be available for sale on December 26th, 2015. More details to come.

25 Days of Christmas Day 17



A Motown Christmas is the 25 Days of Christmas day 17 pick. Various artists like, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, The Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, and more, lend their voices to make this album a one stop shop for all your soulful christmas listening. Beautiful indeed.

25 Days of Christmas Day 16


I can pronounce her name. It’s Idina Menzel {(Eye-Dee-Nah) (Men-Zel)}. The 25 days of Christmas day 16 is the frozen songstress’ new holiday album, Holiday Wishes. Loving December Prayer.

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25 Days of Christmas Day 15



Taking it old school. 25 days of Christmas day 15 is Mr. Andy Williams. My grandmother used to listen to his songs during the holiday season. I also learned Silent Night from this version with the children singing along. It brings back such beautiful and special memories of my primary school years and more. It’s the Andy Williams Christmas Album.

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25 Days of Christmas Day 14


25 days of Christmas day 14 is the lovely Leona Lewis. “Bells will be ringing…..” Lord this chile can sing. The entire album is beautiful. Christmas With Love is a must have for your collection.

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25 Days of Christmas Songs Day 13


It won’t be Christmas if I don’t hear, “I saw mommy kissing santa claus.” I can never get enough of this album. The Jackson 5′s Christmas album is my number 13 pick. Those beautiful, sweet, innocent voices just makes you wish they would have stayed young forever. But alas, they grew up, as did all of us. But going back to my lovely, innocent memories once a year through their music is good enough for me.

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